Hindsight is Magical: The Best Advice from Past Disneyland Brides

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Hindsight is Magical: The Best Advice from Past Disneyland Brides // Budget Fairy Tale
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You know that old saying “hindsight is 20/20?” Well, it’s especially true for planning your wedding. And even though Disneyland weddings are the most beautiful, magical, and special weddings on earth, no wedding is perfect. And no human is perfect. There are bound to be mistakes and regrets once your event is over, and I’m here to tell you that is normal and probably unpreventable. I promise this post isn’t meant to bum you out, it’s meant to be educational and informative.

A recent Disneyland bride asked myself and other Disneyland brides about post-wedding regrets. Not what you wish you could have had at your wedding that you couldn’t afford, or regrets about cake flavor or music choices, but the more heavy stuff. Specifically she asked, “(What was the) ONE thing you would have changed that would have made your (wedding) experience more pleasant, more fun, less stressful, etc?”

Well, lots of past Disneyland Brides chimed in, which just goes to show you that this happens to EVERYONE. Personally I loved our wedding day but I have many regrets over small things (napkin colors, videography) and larger things (several wasted DIY hours, broken friendships). I found myself fascinated by the wide variety of unexpected answers, so I asked everyone if they would be okay with me turning their answers into a blog post. I want to thank everyone who gave me permission to share their personal thoughts here on the blog, to help others. If you are currently planning your Disneyland wedding, or any wedding, take this advice as a reminder to focus on the big picture as you’re planning out all the little details.

Christine: “My wish would have been for more time … for everything. Extended the reception, gotten ready earlier so we’d have more time for pictures. Also I would have also not waited in line for photobooth pics. It gave me time to chat with the guests who wanted photos with me, but the more efficient way to have done it would have been to just jump in and out of the photos while the guests waited so that I could visit with more people and experience the other elements of my reception in the mean time.”

Linda: “(I wish I had) packed earlier so I wasn’t up super late into wee hours of the morning the day before our rehearsal, especially since it was useless paying for a room that night that we didn’t sleep in because we were traveling. I wish we could have afforded for my family to go in the park. That was the big idea I had in my head, that our family and friends would be in the parks and we would be like the 10-15+ people in matching shirts. (And I wish we could have) incorporated my brother into the wedding party somehow.”

Melanie: “I would not have had my two sister-in-laws (husband’s sisters) be my bridesmaids. They didn’t contribute or help with anything. They never answered my phone calls (which was frustrating to me) and they went and got dresses that I didn’t want. They pretty much did what they wanted and didn’t care about me at all.”

Holly: “I wish we had stuck to our guns with what we wanted instead of trying to change things to accommodate other people. We changed from a Wishes to an Escape package so we could pay for some of my fiance’s family members to come. They’ve played games with us all along and money was never the issue for them. People tried to tell me from the very start not to budge on what we want, but I wasn’t convinced his family would be this way. I thought even though they’re ‘different’ surely they’d behave when it came to our wedding. I should have listened, as I’ve learned weddings bring out the crazy. I always think “I should have listened and held my ground!”

Chelsea: “My one thing I wish I had changed to help reduce the stress of the wedding was to not have certain people be a part of the wedding. I mean to say not have them be bridesmaids or groomsmen or what not. I love my friends that were a part of the wedding and I love my sisters. Everyone that attended our wedding commented on how well loved we were as a couple and as individuals, but from the other side as the person trying to round everyone together, I felt like more stress was put on myself because I tried so hard to be accommodating and not be a demanding bride and in the end because of that, I was abandoned by some and expected just to forgive their behavior and be understanding of their view point when it was supposed to be my moment where everyone should have been supporting me. It was the complete opposite and certain people gave me a ‘don’t give a care what you want to do’ attitude towards everyone wedding party-wise on the wedding day.”

Carrie: “I wouldn’t have invited certain people to the wedding because I thought I should have, I should have followed my first instinct. I could have cut two entire tables. I also would have cut my bachelorette party list. I had 8 but I could have had only 5 and really wish I did.”

Brittney: “One big thing I would’ve changed was going into the parks with everyone after the wedding. Instead I would’ve liked to have spent some time alone with my husband. It was very rushed, changing & getting everyone organized & going into the park. The first alone time we had all day was a special spot for the fireworks show & we were completely exhausted by the end of the night! I wish we had done a first look before the ceremony so we could have just had some time together. Overall though, when you would only change a couple of relatively minor things about an important day with so much build-up, that’s pretty good!”


Unfortunately, as brides, we are sometimes but in a really tough position. We expect our friends and family to be supportive of our plans for our big event, and if anyone disagrees with us we are pegged as Bridezilla. These expectations and mixed feelings can often lead to breakdowns and regrets. Honestly, for most of us, you just never know how things are going to turn out. Sometimes you learn your best friend really isn’t that supportive when things get a little tough. And sometimes you learn your mother or mother-in-law has already planned your entire wedding for you. (Surprise!) The best thing for you to do as you plan your wedding is, be on the same page as your partner, stand your ground, and remember the wedding is just one day. Just one day! One very special day, but certainly not the last day of your life, and maybe not event the best day of your life. It’s okay if it’s not perfect.

Hindsight is Magical: The Best Advice from Past Disneyland Brides // Budget Fairy Tale

For me, what is one thing that would have made my wedding day experience more pleasant? I would have not invited certain people because I felt I had to. And I didn’t sleep at all the night before so I wish I had taken some kind of anti-anxiety or sleeping pill (with doctor’s guidance of course). I was so wiped out by mid-day that the whole afternoon and evening is a total blur. Other than that, all the details that didn’t go exactly to plan are mostly forgotten two years later.

Now it’s your turn! Tell me in the comments: “What was the ONE thing you would have changed that would have made your wedding experience more pleasant, more fun, less stressful, etc?”



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  1. says

    I, like many of the others, would have removed some people from my bridal party and actually added in a few I wish I could have included (but didn’t because of some obligatory people). My biggest wedding regret is not investing enough in our wedding photographer. We were strapped for cash, so I went for the bargain and it was a mistake. Luckily, we have some awesome friend and family photographers out there so I ended up with decent shots of pretty much everything, but it would have been nice to have a real professional to capture the day!

    • Mindy Marzec says

      Photography is a tricky one. It has gotten so expensive now because people expect to have A MILLION photos of every detail and every moment, and it has gotten a little out of control. I experienced the same pressure. Not to say I don’t love our photos because I do, I love every single one. But it was a solid chunk of our budget. My grandparents had one wedding day photo and my parents had I think 20-30 pictures. In 10, 20, 30 years, the important thing will be having ANY photos of your wonderful day.

  2. Hope at Disneyland says

    I like what you had to say here, especially when you underscored the importance of standing your ground and to prepare for when things don’t go as planned. Life isn’t perfect and that’s okay. My bit of advice is to be as prepared as you can for your wedding day. We’re glad that we clearly wrote our where our decor items needed to be so that those that helped us set-up knew exactly where they belonged and that we had backup music ready to go in case of an emergency (it turned out that our DJ didn’t have our father/daughter song so being prepared helped us in that regard). We’re also glad that we did our first look/castle shoot and all formals before the ceremony so that we had more time to enjoy our day. I regret that we didn’t get to spend a lot of time with all of our guests, but at least we enjoyed the event we had been planning together for over two years till the last drop. Definitely don’t leave anything until the last minute! I think just being ahead of the game helped the overall day be less stressful and more enjoyable.

  3. Mari says

    I agree with Christine. I wish I would have had more time! I wish I would have woken up earlier because I was running a little late and barely had enough time to eat something really quick before getting my make up done and because of that we only had 40 minutes before the wedding for pictures instead of the full hour. My wedding ended at 11pm and I thought that would be enough but it wasn’t. Some people left because they had to work early but it’s not about that. It’s about the fact that me and my husband and family still wanted to party and we couldn’t. I should have just splurged and paid for the extra hour because when it was wrapping up we were like already?! It went by too fast!!! I also wished I would have double checked things like the floral (didn’t get what I wanted even though I emailed pictures) and the veil (wasn’t with my dress and a family member had to rush to get it while we took pictures before the ceremony) and photography (certain shots I wanted and I emailed a list but didn’t get, only a few though). Always double check!!! And I did take a Lunesta to really knock out the night before because I was worried about the details so if you’re an anxious person like myself I would recommend that because it did help :)

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